Happy you are here. 

I'm Emily, a marketing & communication professional with over 4 years of experience working in social media, digital marketing & branding.

I specialize in a few things:  jumping into the fire, moving quickly (iced coffee in hand), and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. No task is too large, or too new. As someone who wants to be surrounded by smarter people than myself, I absolutely love learning what I don't know. 

Industry-wise, I have been all over.  City-building nonprofits, major broadcast television media, residential real estate, local Vermont restaurants, and public healthcare are just a few I've spent time in.

Have a project in mind that needs a nimble marketing brain? I'd love to see how I can help!

Work Samples

Blog: A Look Back At CHARLESGATE's New Development Success Tour

2021 was a year filled with incredible accomplishments thanks to our rockstar team. Our New Development division saw exceptional growth this past year...a 163% increase in revenue to be exact! We launched several new development condominium and apartment projects, celebrated multiple grand openings, and added a host of new agents to our brokerage team. Our combination of creative design and branding strategies paired with innovative marketing execution and our standout team of agents, led to acc

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